About us

About us

Mohammad Umer Daudzai a real Leader

“As a person who has served the nation for the past 20 years, when I get my hands on a mic, I feel obliged to speak the truth, as that is my responsibility to God and to the people of the nation.” 

About us s

We stand for peace, justice and equal rights for all people of Afghanistan. We reject all forms of discrimination be it on the basis of religion, gender, ethnicity and any other form. We stand for inclusivity and participation by all in all state functions on the basis of merit and equity. Our vision and mission is to have a stable, peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan through an endogenous, participatory, and inclusive process relying on the country’s resources, values and connectivity opportunities. We stand for defending our territorial integrity, strengthening of national sovereignty. We are committed to strengthening of the country’s and national unity. We strive to work for eradicating of poverty, eradication of poppy cultivation and drug trafficking. We will work for ensuring effective and participatory political governance in the country. we will focus on strengthening of the center-periphery relationship. We will revitalize the Afghan economy based on Agriculture, Transit, Tourism and sustainable use of natural resources. We believe in revival of the constitutional democratic process in the country. We want to turn Afghanistan into a center cooperation of civilizations.​

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