Telephone repair Bovenkarspel

We at Multi Repair (telephone repair Bovenkarspel) are, as the name says, handy in various electronics. We are specialized in, among other things, smartphone repairs, mainly with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung phones. We also repair tablets such as the iPad or the Samsung Tab. In addition, we repair almost all problems that can occur with laptops and computers or game consoles such as the Playstation. With most repairs you can also wait for the repair or a small tour in the mall.

Screen Replacement

Smartphone screens are brittle, and it’s only a matter of time before you need your screen fixed – Our technicians have expertly repaired thousands  of screens over the years. There’s literally not a problem Multi-Repair hasn’t seen and solved. Our professionally trained and vetted Technicians are experts and will meet you and provide smartphone Repair quickly

smartphone repaired or screen replaced without facing any problem during your daily schedule and you can continue on with your life while our technicians will fix your smartphone. Our service is quite quick, cost-effective and seamless. That’s a guarantee From Multi-Repair.